Out for abit.

Heya all! 

Unfortunately I’m leaving tomorrow for three or so weeks on an Army exercise and will have limited access to the internet and no access to my computer. So I won’t be able to answer any of your gif requests till somewhere in Mid-October :/ 

If any of you guys happen to live in Rockhampton (Brisbane(?), Australia) or stay nearby, I’d love to say hi when I’m over there so do drop me a message on my main page, or here if you’d like to.

- ashburtonboy

Hi 😊 could you make a gif of these two lines please? "Oops forgot to breathe" and "That would be a capital O" from the game show episode - thanks :)

Sure :) both great lines from Tyriq, he should have been in more episodes!


When you prove your teacher wrong:


As requested by maanderrs :)

As requested by better-in-tune-with-the-infinite :)

Please can you make a gif of when uncle Phil pops carltons rubber ring duck I think he's called Howie
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(Source: freshprincesubs)

(Source: freshprincesubs)

amazing blog xx
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Thank You :)


Soooo….guess what premiered 24 years ago today?

On this day in 1990, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air debuted on television.
Season 2 episode 15 'My brother's keeper' when marcus says to well 'my situation does not define who i am, i define who i am' do you have a gif of that by any chance??? thanks, love your work

I’m sure ashburtonboy can help you out :)